Vestida, A Fashion Fundraiser
July 10, 2004
Pics Gallery


Lucy Torres-Gomez in a pale peach Joe Salazar creation.

Richard Gomez in a Patis Tesoro piña barong.

Tetet de la Rama-Taruc in a vintage Pitoy Moreno gown, from the colleciton of the late Dr. Alicia Lucero-Gamboa.

Ann Alunan-Abello and lovely daughters Francesca (middle) and Alexis-all in Patis Tesoro creations.

Scholastican second-grader, Angelo V. Vargas, courageously walks by himself as grandmother, Lourdes, and brother, Raffy, look on.

Marili Bascon-Gonzaga and daughter Nina; Michelle B. Pandan and daughter Julienne.

Chole Cuenca-Chua in her maternal grandmother's wedding gown; Liana Severino in an heirloom terno; Melanie Garcia-Sabino in a terno from the collection of the late Dr. Alicia Gamboa.

Althea Gay, Mayen Lizares, and Dr. Donna Queveco in colorful John-John Ditching Maria Claras.

Tippi A. Cuaycong wears her mom Patty's intricately embroidered terno by Paras. Patty (nee Arceo) wore this terno when she was 18 years old.

Agnes Cuenca in a Filipiniana creation by Lourdes Lipa.

Mrs. Nena de Leon in an elegant Patis Tesoro creation, escorted by her grandson, beau Dylan Maalat.

Ginette Yanson-Dumancas models a ruby red Lourdes Lipa terno, with intricate beadwork using Swarowski crystals.

Carissa Y. Dumancas in a ruby red modern Filipiniana creation by Lourdes Lipa.

(Front to back) Dr. Toni Gensoli, Pilica Mendezona, Cynthia Magalona, Mariana Aston, Monica Nandwani, Dr. Dianne Nandwani

(Front to back) Dr. Dianne Nandwani, Danica Regalado (partly hidden), Gina Regalado, Dr. Ang Sanson and daugther Ria.

Ms. Nicole Puentevella, Ms. Masskara 2003, in a chartreuse, handpainted Filipiniana creation by Bong Flores.

Hestia Baldevia-ordonez, with son Iñaki and niece, Aleeza Gay.

Maggie Ledesma-Jalandoni with granddaughter Li Feliciano. Maggie wears a Randy Ortiz pants and tunic ensemble in piña while Li wears a Ria Montelibano creation.

Yvanna L. Maalat in a modern Filipino-inspired gown.

Celina Yanson-Lopez in an aqua terno by Lourdes Lipa.

The ramp was aptly "opened" by Bb. Pilipinas 1st Runner-Up and Scholastican alumna, Ms. Tracy Javelona who wore a Ben Ferrales original.

Mrs. Tessie A. Limjap, escorted by her grandson Justin, joins the finale parade of models. Grandaughter Bea Yusay in a flower girl's gown follows.

Bianca Limjap is a stunning bride in her grandmother Tessie's bridal gown by fashion great, Ramon Valera. Mrs. Tessie Limjap wore this gown to the altar exactly 50 years ago.

Honey Lopue in a Lourdes Lipa seashell-embellished wedding gown.

(Front to back) Madeline Y. Javellana, Corazon Y. Lopez and Hyster Y. Quiamco in Lourdes Lipa Filipiniana gowns.

Don Colmenares excorts mom, Mary Ann who wears a traditional terno from the collection of the late Dr. Alicia Lucero-Gamboa.

Maika Mora and brother Enrico, are flower girl and ringbearer respectively, to their mom, Truday Lizares-Mora (right pic).

Truday Lizares-Mora in a Bridal creation by Sylvia de la Paz.

Kristine Puentevella (nee Lizares) is escorted by her son Martin as she models her bridal gown.

Mari Peña escorts mom, Reena who wears a terno from the collection of her late grandmother, Dr. Alicia Lucero-Gamboa.

Janet G. Remitio models an elegant black Filipiniana creation by Lourdes Lipa.

Edgar Sarrosa escorts radiant wife, Sonia who wears a Joe Leonardia bridal creation. This was the same gown that Sonia wore during her wedding more than 3 decades ago.

(Front-back) Nya Jacinto, Cara Henares, Tamila Tinsay, Alexa Dabao, Chexka Dabao and Pia Dabao, all in Ria Montelibano creations.

Raffy Vargas escorts grandmother, Lourdes C. Velez who wears an elegant Marivic LaO' Filipiniana creation in black.

Beth Vinson-Sanson walks hand-in-hand with daughter. Liezl--both donning modern Filipino-inspired attires.

Luci Lizares-Yunque looks radiant in her mother's Filipiniana gown by Ben Ferrales.

Great grandma, Mrs. Lily Alonso, in a fetching turquoise gown is escorted by grandsons, Macho and Raffy.

Mrs. Nelia Puentevella-Jacinto (center) in a century-old panuelo. Her children and grandchildren in modern Filipino-inspired clothes designed and executed by Ria Montelibano.

Mrs. Cely Jugo is flanked by her grandchildren Francis, Stephanie and Alexandra Keuls and Lian and Micka Montero.

Scholastican students in their prom gowns.

The Varela clan in Eduardo "Toto" V. Sicangco creations.